You will get there and be introduced to the haji movie theatre. Take a lap-top with DVD playing ability and is robust, Apple worked for me. Go to Haji mart, buy haji movies four months before they are released in the states for $5. Be merry, take care of your dumb ass! » 4/23/14 10:27pm Yesterday 10:27pm

I call shennanigans! Twice! The Ukraine is about to pop off and we are escalating to protect neighboring countries we have treaties with. You think the president has any time for this? He is working the play-by-play on troop movements and the ability to destabilize the ruble. In my very best sassy momma voice, 'We… » 4/23/14 7:36pm Yesterday 7:36pm

For freaking holies, I found you, no doubt in Gulf livery loving a gas guzzling beast of a car. I saw a Factory-Five replicar today with a big block CJ and the guy was saying he got about 4mpg. I was like WHAT, then he cranked it and I was like WHAT, then he revved it and I was like... totally what? SICK replica and… » 4/21/14 7:56am Monday 7:56am

Hey mate, you are bright and curious. I like the commentary and your adoring children. Keep up the good work. Science isn't easy but to get totally turned on to it is! You are obviously going to look here for criticism but other than getting a bit grittier for those that see the obvious, you are tip top. Keep those… » 4/21/14 6:14am Monday 6:14am

To give the FR-S some props in an angry world, having driven one it is a package. Trade here, support there, but all in all you get a capable package in an all around setting. Magnify one quality to illuminate a deficiency. For those of you new to Japanese sports car, not super cars, this was their winning spirit. A… » 4/16/14 9:38pm 4/16/14 9:38pm

And they are super light weight with featherlight camera packages. Carrying anything short of a Mickey Finn is going to be problematic. 2lbs of explosive isn't much of a punch and in the upper regions of the maximum capacity of most all but the biggest R/C aircraft. At this time R/C aircraft are terrible weapon… » 4/16/14 2:35pm 4/16/14 2:35pm