I just matched a C5 Vette today at a roll on 15+ mph and he tried, tried, with much oil lost. I kept pace in an Abarth. 1/4 the engine displacement with a turbo and he was TRYING to get away. Haha! Perhaps driver because he wasn't to good in the twisty's either. » 10/01/14 10:51pm Yesterday 10:51pm

Ahh, Honda power-on oversteer, some people like the car for just this issue. A drifters dream. The first in the video needs better talking tires. You should be able to HEAR when your back end is coming out. 1985 RX-7 GS with Yokohama AVS Intermediates. I have seen them throw water 30+ feet. Very aggressive but they… » 9/30/14 1:48am Tuesday 1:48am