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He's lucky he didn't have a clog on his head as she posed for a pic like a mountain climber, no sympathy. Nor did I have any sympathy for the dumb-asses that got eaten by the police dog when attempting to jack a room-mates stereo from his car at 3AM. My ability to care for your plight ends the second you steal. I have… » 8/18/14 7:01pm Monday 7:01pm

See you dumb fuck. Intelligence escapes you. You got away and you went to Ventura County but you are on the run. People are looking for you there because you have a connection. Duh. You even had time. Charter a flight, hit Baja and keep on going but no, your pussy ass weak'd the fuck out and now you are in cuffs. On… » 8/17/14 8:40am Sunday 8:40am

Haha! He's a an old time rocker and you think he is depressed? Haha! He has ladies by the pool, ladies by the bar, rocks a concert and makes at least three women wet themselves, and is a god of rock throughout history. He can host an orgy of a crowd and be the #1 rocker on stage kicking over an amp! The fuck he knows… » 8/17/14 8:17am Sunday 8:17am