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I get restless sometimes and after waking up extremely well rested at midnight I felt that itch for a new experience. I made me an ice coffee, grabbed a bottle of water and took off for Deals Gap. Piloting in was a breeze and other than one officer that got in close to read my temporary tag, no issues.


With the road still moist from an earlier rain and patches of fog to contend with I was happy that I took a long pull on my water bottle because I was busy right off the bat. I quickly turned my fog lights on I could more easily see the severity of the turns and adjust speed accordingly figured that out first corner. Unfamiliar with the road I was pleasantly surprised both by the low end grunt of the FIAT and the low speed corners and how seldom I had to make gear changes. I am pretty sure the pitch black only being illuminated by my headlights made the lane appear perceptively narrower because there were several turns where it looked like a Corvette would be sticking its nose over the outside edge as it turned, it was tight and took a great deal of concentration. I was having fun and enjoyed the experience jamming out while having a spirited drive but I almost thought there were two parts of the trek that were pretty insanely dangerous especially at night and I suspect they both have a few cars that have fallen victim to them even during the day. I didn't know what to expect but I was thrown everything from elevation changes, hairpins (my fave), decreasing radius turns, on camber switchbacks and some wickedly dangerous super tight second gear elbo touching elbo trying to point the car in the direction you are looking (out the door glass) uber tight corners.

I may be tied to a spit and roasted for hitting The Dragon which is unfamiliar territory, after it rained and was wet, at night, with fog and no cell signal because it is pretty dangerous with little safety net and no backup so I deserve that and I will take my deserved chastising but I did have fun and got some worst case scenario practice live fire.

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