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7:17 PM

OK, Gents and the few ladies, I have the $ to get just about anything under $30K and have already rocked the E30 and E36 chassis to their fullest extent loving every moment but currently want a small BMW that turns on a dime and is crazy fun. I have been looking at a Mini. Advice? Arguments for or against? I usually

6:49 PM

My 1993 BMW 318iS was the latest victim of an under car spray at the local car wash. Something about shorting wires and mixing up firing order that killed it, it is truly dead.

8:06 AM

I have an idea for a weekly segment. How about 'up your car knowledge' or something like that, large manufactures may get multi-segmented articles. You pick a manufacturer, say Subaru, and you lay down facts about the company, where they have assembly lines, motorsport history, obscure facts, then the readers, some